We are incredibly fortunate to work with a great group of sponsors. Cyclocross is incredibly demanding on equipment which is why we've found through the experience of racing in Europe and the USA running this custom setup has given us an advantage over the competition. Please visit our sponsors, we're confident you'll love them as much as we do.

​Trek Bikes​​

I have a long history with the Trek Bikes family racing for their Trek VW East Coast regional team as a teenager to later designing the geometry for the Boone and Crockett cyclocross bikes by testing geometry on aluminum frames on the World Cup circuit, the ultimate venue for field testing. Trek have been incredible to work with over the years and I love their bikes. Road, Enduro MTB, XC MTB and Cyclocross, these are the bikes I love to ride and race that always puts a smile on my face.


​Knight Composites​​

Aren't well known yet, but they will be. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) molding is the best method for creating wheels with no voids in the carbon layup. Using EPS moulding creates the easiest to mount tubeless wheels in the world. Just use your standard road pump to mount your tubeless tires. Cyclocross, Road, Triathlon, MTB.  Use this discount code for any Knight Composite wheels




Recovery is equally important as the hard work athletes and business professionals put in. KülKōte is the next level of performance for athletes and business professionals. What is KülKōte? KulKote is a Temperature Regulating Technology. It's a proprietary coating consisting of water based polymers and Phase Change Materials (PCM). It’s an industrial product that is used in consumer goods. KulKote is typically applied to flexible foams, textiles, and/or fibers for the purpose of regulating body temperature.

​KMC Chain

Katie won her first World Cup race on a KMC chain and we've been huge fans ever since. Fast shifts, light and super easy installation and removal. We trust KMC chains to survive the harshest conditions and shift great every single time. And, they have a wide variety of colors and choices for all of your bikes.


Enduro Bearings​
We've been running Enduro Bearings for a lot of seasons in Europe and the US. Drivetrain resistance kills both physical performance and mental performance. We run Enduro Bearings because they can survive the most challenging racing terrains in the world. Check them out, they incredible smooth and durable.


Porsche of Colorado Springs 
There's Truly No Substitute. Our friends at Porsche of Colorado Springs are so wonderful to work with. Their support of Katie on and off the race tracks helps us immensely. Katie has used track days and autocross to hone her bike racing skills which are world famous. Katie will be assisting Porsche of Colorado Springs on track and off track this year because there is no substitute for maximum performance.
Champion Systems
Having high performance clothing that fits and performs in all weather conditions is crucial for success. The other half of that success is the people we work with and that's why we are proud to represent Champion Systems. Fantastic people who live and work in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Challenge Tires

The tires that rule the world. Sand, mud, and super fast courses  Challenge tires are the go-to tires for athletes who want the highest performing tires. Katie loves the cotton casing that conforms so well to all terrains with tread profiles that not only give you hero grip in the corners, they also roll so well on fast terrain.

Cyclocrosss World Championships
Bontrager helmets are not only great looking, vent super well they also keep your head safer using MIPS technology.


Pedros Bikecare

We are huge fans of Pedros products. Fantastic tools, fantastic chain lube options and the bike wash is brilliant. Earth friendly and it cleans drivetrains so well it even keeps Mark happy he's meticulous when it comes to maintaining a clean running drivetrain. Our Belgian family love Pedros bike wash because it doesn't harm their beautiful lawn 😊 Oh and Mark loves the Green Fizz 16x so much he uses it to clean our BMW 1M Coupe because it doesn't leave any detergents on the paint.

Wickwerks ​​​

Fast shifts are crucial for performing at the highest level of the sport. Wickwerks chainrings have multiple long ramps, or BRIDGEs spread out every four, or five, or six teeth, providing a fast positive engagement of the chain no matter where in the crank set revolution you choose to shift. Wickwerks has a wide variety of 2x and 1x rings for our needs and yours. 


Feedback Sports
The people at Feedback Sports are passionate fans of the sport. You'll often see them racing their bikes in Colorado and sharing the love of the sport. It's that passion they bring to producing the best workstands in the world. Light, portable and functional. These are the traits I need for traveling around the US and Europe for cyclocross racing. Check out all their products and you'll quickly see why we love Feedback Sports products
Anemoni Jewelers
Local to Katie's hometown Newark, Delaware Anemoni Jewelers in Hockessin, Delaware has the creativity that we love. Ben crafted a custom top cap for Katie's cyclocross bikes in her birthstone. We use 18K gold wire on Katie's front fork hydro cables in the place of zip ties. Look out for more custom pieces this season.
Victory Circle Graphix
Did you love the helmet decals on Katie's helmet as much as we did? You can get your own helmet  kit, frame decals, decals, and all sorts of custom decals for your bike. AJ is the guy to go to. You'll see is work all over because when it comes to decals Victory Circle Graphix everyone from the pros to the local rides uses Victory Circle Graphix.
Westone audio

We've been using Westone audio in-ear headphones for years and they are simply outstanding. Whether you're an audiophile or you simply want to use an outstanding passive noise isolation these are the headphones you've always wanted. My personal favorite the W40 features a beautifully-flat frequency response with articulate lows, precise mid-range, sparkling highs, and performance that is perfect for recorded and mastered music. The Westone W40 is the ideal first earphone for those music lovers and critical listeners